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About Token Stork is a market-cap site for BCH CashTokens built and maintained by George Donnelly. The code is open-source. You can review the pending issues or the roadmap.

I welcome your suggestions, criticisms, bug reports and general feedback any time. Let me know what functionality would be of assistance to you, and I will probably add it!

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The TokenStork flipstarter is now live! Give it a look and maybe make a pledge: TokenStork Flipstarter..

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Want to build a dapp on BCH but need some technical help? Hire me! Email [email protected] and I will build what you need!

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TokenStork BCH Metadata Registry

TokenStork now also hosts TokenStorkRegistry, a BCH Metadata Registry. PRs are welcome at our GitHub repo. For now, the registry mirrors


At this time, this site is self-funded and running on borrowed APIs, as well lending an API to others, so please consider supporting this work by donating to the following address. Thank you!



TokenStork is made possible through the provision of technical assistance, APIs, etc by the following. Thank you for your collaboration!


Please email [email protected] and we'll be thrilled to assist you.

The TokenStork Flipstarter is now available!