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Roadmap aims to be a market-cap website for BCH CashTokens, but it also aims to be a comprensive service provider for on-chain CashTokens operations and data. Working with CashTokens should be smooth and easy, and aims to make it that way.

0.0.3 Server-Side Data

  • set up a database to store token data and speed up page loads.
  • load the website from the server, instead of from client-side APIs.

0.0.4 Individual Token Pages

  • add detailed individual token pages, with data, news, socials, recent token transactions, number of holders, etc.
  • incorporate volume, price change stats from Cauldron.
  • add buy buttons that link to Cauldron.

0.0.5 NFT Tab

  • add an NFT tab with NFT collections, recent mints, number minted per category, floor price on TapSwap (via chaingraph queries), number of unique addresses, etc, and links to buy on TapSwap.
  • add individual NFT collection pages.

0.0.7 Accessibility

  • add themes, light and dark mode.
  • optimize accessibility (aria, etc).
  • optimize SEO.
  • optimize loading time.
  • expand header data (chain fees, ecosystem TVL, number of markets, 24h volume, FURU dominance, halving countdown, S&P500 price performance, inflation, treasury rate, etc.).
  • add token search bar .
  • add tags to tokens .

0.1.0 Easy Fungible Tokens

  • add authentication / user accounts.
  • integrate WalletConnect (or CashConnect, if ready).
  • add the ability to create fungible tokens/BCMR via web form.

0.2.0 Token Management and Tracking

  • add token management tools (metadata updates, ability to secure authbase, etc.)
  • add token watchlist functionality.
  • add token upvote/downvote functionality.

0.3.0 The Front Page

  • on the front page, show prices in sats and various currencies (dropdown)
  • show 1h, 24h & 7d price performance
  • show a 7d price spark graph
  • show trending tokens, recently-added tokens, most-upvoted tokens, most downvoted, etc.

0.4.0 BCMR

  • add ability to create BCMR identities for people and organizations.
  • enable updates when and show a log of BCMR changes.

0.5.0 Forming Businesses

  • add the ability to create ICOs via form with accountability/milestones, transparency, etc.
  • add a dividend distribution tool

0.6.0 Tracking Growth

  • add exchanges tab (volumes, change in volume 24h, pairs, date of founding).
  • add portfolio functionality.

0.7.0 Expanding Opportunities

  • add a dapps tab.
  • add a news tab.

0.8.0 Social

  • enable people to login and leave comments and reviews on tokens, exchanges, dapps, NFT series, etc.
  • add a chat squawkbox.
  • give token owners access to edit their token pages, and base the access on control of the authhead.
  • add an airdrops page with coming and past airdrop events.

0.9.0 Tools

  • tools (compare 2 tokens, watchlist/portfolio feature, embeddable widgets, price alerts, profit calculator, ecosystem overview charts)
  • add heat maps (market share by token)

1.0.0 Monetization & Marketing

  • add monetization options (merch store?, offer an API, select advertising, supporters/patrons)
  • run a small marketing campaign around the idea of tokenizing your assets on BCH.
  • do outreach to 20 companies to see if we can build some partnerships to tokenize real-world assets on-chain with CashTokens, e.g., gold, silver and other commodities.

The TokenStork Flipstarter is now available!